3D Printed Hip by Mobelife Puts Teenager Back On Her Feet

Materialise has collaborated with UK hospitals to create 3D printed hip implants through their daughter company Mobelife

A 15 year old Swedish girl was facing a lifetime in a wheelchair because of a congenital disease that left her with a severely deformed left hip joint. Her condition forced her to be home schooled and was causing her a lot of pain. With the Mobelife aMace® implant, she is now pain free, walking without crutches and going back to school like a normal teenager.

In 2012, Prof Rydholm from the Skane University Hospital in Lund, Sweden came to Mobelife with the case of a 15 year old Swedish girl who suffered from Neurofibromatosis, a congenital disease also known as ‘Von Recklinghausen’s disease’, which left her with a severe skeletal deformation of the left hip because of a neurofibroma that destroyed her pelvis and which was causing a lot of pain.

The girl had been suffering from her hip condition since childhood and in 2010 the neurofibroma was surgically removed. After a femur fracture a few months later, her situation took a turn for the worse, forcing her to leave school to be home educated for the next 2 years. Her doctors initially saw very limited or no treatment options for her hip and she was looking at a life in a wheelchair.

Prof. Rydholm took this case to Mobelife and their team of engineers set to design a custom implant, based on the patient’s CT scan, to fit the bony situation of the patient and to reconstruct the defect. In September 2012, the 3D printed titanium implant was delivered to the hospital in Sweden and the girl was operated on. Almost immediately after surgery, she was pain free. By Christmas, she was out of her wheelchair and walking with just one crutch.

Now, one year and a half after the surgery she is going back to school for a while already, even without crutches.

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The above story is based on materials provided by Mobelife. Materials may be edited for content and length


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